A Woman’s A-Spot Or Anterior Fornix – Learn How to Stimulate it to Make Her Squirm in Delight

After mastering the G-spot, good lovers will continue on with their research and undoubtedly come across mention of the A-spot. This article explores how to stimulate this spot and where it is located.

The location of the A-spot or Anterior Fornix

Some men have never even heard about this area, let alone know where it is. It is located on the same wall of the vagina as the G-spot, but it is much deeper. How far back is different for each woman, but it can be very close to the cervix, so be careful as some women don’t like you to hit the cervix, while some don’t mind it some actually like.

The Anterior Fornix is often stimulated when a man is short thrusting very deeply during intercourse. The woman will have a tendency to want to hold his penis as far up as it can go and just feel the pressure that it is creating. She will often attempt to immobilize the man and tell him to not move as she attempts to pull him towards that area. The best thing that a man can do is attempt to go very slowly while extending himself as far back as he can get.

The best positions for this from of stimulation are with a woman on the top of her man or just a basic missionary position. For men who are a bit longer, using a deep thrust from behind your lover or having her ride you backwards can really produce some amazing sensations.  

A unique stimulation that your woman will crave

Hitting this spot is different than a clitoral, vaginal, or G-spot orgasm. And your lover will definitely love the fact that you even know about it, and if you massage it correctly she is definitely going to crave your sex. For her, it will feel like soft electricity bringing her to a sharp, erotic climax.